The 4km Bosbokroete is a fairly easy trail and also very well marked. The whole trail is built alongside the Schoonspruit river. You pass the Wathaba Rainbow Falls, on your left, which can be seen from above. For the next two kilometers the Schoonspruit river will be on your left hand side. Then you will find the spectacular Bald Ibis Gorge where you are welcome to enjoy the crystal clear water for a swim and a picnic. On your way back you will criss-cross the river many times over bridges until you find the Wathaba Rainbow Falls from the top again on your left hand side. Just a little way down the mountain (just before the camps) there will be a Wathaba Rainbow Falls sign where you turn left at the T-junction, down to the river and walk upstream 300m to the magnificent Wathaba Rainbow Falls where you can enjoy another swim!